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Kickin’ Off 2018 with Workfront: The Evolution of Work, Introducing the Operational SOR and the Importance of a Partner like IO Integration

By: Jenna Mac Killop
January 23rd, 2018

“Because Work Matters.” There is no other company that lives up to its official tagline the way Workfront does, and I was reminded of this when I attended their 2018 Partner Meeting and SKO last week in Las Vegas with my IOI colleague, James Word (Business Analyst and Certified Workfront Implementation Specialist).

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marketing efficiency | workfront | project management

Corral the Chaos: 3 Ways to Simplify Request Management

By: Heather Hurst
January 10th, 2018

This post by Heather Hurst, Workfront Corporate Marketing Director, originally appeared on Workfront’s Work & Project Management Blog. We think it will be useful to our readers. Enjoy! If you’re like most teams, requests come at you from all directions every single day, keeping you from truly being productive and focusing on your most important work.

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How Semantic Databases Are The Future Of Digital Asset Management

Why Semantic Databases are the Future of DAM (Digital Asset Management)

By leveraging semantic database technology marketing organiations can have greater control over digital assets and be able to correlate that information with other assets and distinguish relationships between digital assets and target audience.