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Eric Smith

By: Eric Smith on December 19th, 2017

ES 5.5 Highlights the DALIM Worldwide Technical Meeting

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Dalim has just concluded its 2017 Worldwide Technical Meeting. This year’s annual meeting introduced the new features of ES in the soon to be released 5.5 version. The highlight of the additions in ES 5.5 is the new Multi-Site capability providing a centralized access and database with distributed rendering and file storage. Various locations can have their own ESFS volumes with local access while the web interface is accessed from a single URL.

WWTM-2017-351.jpg In coordination with multi-site, ES is now cloud-ready with the ability to use Amazon S3 buckets for ESFS volumes and Output Channels. The system has also been thoroughly tested for deployment on Amazon Web Services using CentOS Images. The SFTP protocol has been added for use in Volumes and Output Channels, and WebDAV support is in development.

A new Check Out/Check In system has been developed using Dalim’s Latitude desktop application. It provides a private copy of the project with folder structure or a single document for local work while locking the documents in ES. Check-In creates a new revision with options for comments and unlocks the document.

New filters have been added to provide Key Performance Indicators through Kibana and Elastic Search Dashboards. The additions offer improved traceability of Projects/Workflows and Analysis of Project Performance as a foundation for continuous improvement.

For administrators, a new Workflow Editor has been included that provides a smoother, more manageable interface with fewer popups and faster access to step settings. Job Ticket Layouts can now have custom Component Plugins. Written in Javascript, the custom plugins can be programmed for use in any Job Ticket Layout or Desktop.

Other additions include Closed Loop color calibration; Just Normlicht LED proofStation Control, Barcode reading, sticky annotation tools, improved zoom control and multi-page file handling plus Ink Order and Opacity control in the Dialogue Engine HTML viewer. Optimizations are included for the Job Ticket Layout Editor. Twist and eTwist now support PDF 2.0 and a new Dynamic Imposition system module is available. The Silicon Publishing Adobe CC plugins have been updated for CC 2018.

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