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By: Northplains on March 6th, 2018

Northplains Launches Xinet  Studio 

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Fully-Featured Digital Asset Management Technology for Small Teams

Toronto, ON – February 14, 2018 –Northplains, the leading enterprise digital asset and content lifecycle management technology provider, has launched Xinet Studio to augment its offering and extend its technological benefits to businesses of all sizes.

“Small teams and mid-market organizations are feeling the same crunch when it comes to producing omnichannel marketing content,” says Hassan Kotob, CEO Northplains. “With Xinet Studio, we are enabling these teams to harness the same speed and efficiency of large enterprises in tackling the new content-centric role of marketing and creative.”

Xinet Studio and digital asset management help small teams work better, faster and smarter to save time, increase productivity and boost ROI through: 

  • Immediate access to in-progress and approved digital assets. Users can quickly  find, sort and share digital assets to channels and with stakeholders;
  • Smart desktop and Adobe CC access to open, edit, search and create assets directly in/from the DAM – without check-ins or check-outs;
  • Customizable automation and creative work-flow management that fits the way your team works and requires no change to existing workflows.

Xinet Studio: Digital Asset Management Features Include:

● Bulk Uploads

● Automatic Metadata

● Rapid Ingestion

● Instant Previews

● Automatic File Relationships

● Adobe CC Plugin

● Workflow Automation

● Controlled Access

● Configurable Meta Data

● Version Control

● Visual Search

● Faceted/Full-Text Search (Active and Archived Assets)

● Custom UI

● Online Annotation

● Digital Rights Management

Xinet Studio is available now. To learn more and find out how your team can work better, faster, and smarter with  digital asset management visit our Xinet Studio Product page here.

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