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iPaaS: The Integration Solution Built to Withstand all Software Requirements

By: Dean Holmes
December 8th, 2021

An Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) is a platform that standardizes how applications are integrated into an organization’s systems. The software acts similarly to Lego blocks to automate business processes and share data across applications. Each Lego block represents a connector to a specific app. iPaaS systems allow workflows to be built by simply joining together the Lego block-like modules or nodes. As a cloud-based operating model, the integration platform can be adapted to each of the business’s needs and selection criteria, simplifying the process and reducing the amount of development effort and resources needed to build and scale integrations within the organization. In today’s world, as a majority of the workforces remain remote and continue to need new and sometimes complex software solutions to complete daily tasks, iPaaS allows businesses to react quickly to business needs. As the number of solutions needed continues to grow, there can be several business risks as they add to the business’s overall technology stack. iPaaS’s easy-to-use embedded system empowers anyone in a SaaS business to respond to user integration requests without adding to their development backlog.

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