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Justin Sandbach

Before joining IO Integration, Justin was a secondary education teacher, including teaching at a maximum security prison in Illinois. He has also built two successful businesses, including a logistics company that merged with a national brand. His creative and technology experience in education and in business bring an engaging and personal insight to the implementation process. At IO Integration, Justin facilitates discovery and implementation for Project Management, Digital Asset Management, and Creative Production systems.

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5 Tips for Creating an Efficient Process Within Your Approval System

By: Justin Sandbach
April 24th, 2020

Getting timely feedback on projects and content is more important than ever for businesses to meet the needs of their customers. The smallest delay or miscommunication can result in missed deadlines. The ability to review and approve digital work efficiently is a critical business process. A properly configured approval solution will help your team’s continuity, speed, and efficiency. Spend less time routing changes, printing copies, and resolving critical issues by getting the right processes in place to keep projects moving.

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