censhare’s ecosphere 2018: Doin’ DAM in Denver! Blog Feature
Jenna Mac Killop

By: Jenna Mac Killop on March 15th, 2018

censhare’s ecosphere 2018: Doin’ DAM in Denver!

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censhare’s ecosphere 2018: Doin’ DAM in Denver!

There are a few things that come to mind when one thinks about making a trip to Denver, Colorado. From now on, one of the things that SHOULD come to mind is that Denver is the US home for one of the most forward-thinking software companies working in information management today, censhare. Last week this DAM lady had the pleasure of spending some time with them at their 2018 ecosphere censhare users conference.

It Dave Lipsey.jpgwas a mind-blowing few days full of knowledge sharing and discussion with a speaker line-up that included “The Father of DAM” David Lipsey (Klaris IP),  the dynamic, hockey-loving industry analyst, Cathy McKnight (Digital Clarity Group) and the poetic, metadata-loving Mindy Carner (Optimity Advisors).

David Lipsey (Klaris IP)

           Cathy Mcknight.jpg      Cathy McKnight (Digital Clarity Group)    mindy carner.jpg       

MindyCarner (Optimity Advisors)

These well-known speakers provided some great insight from the past, present, and future of DAM, but nothing could have been more educational or informative than hearing censhare users from GoPro, Droga5, sgsco and FA Davis speak about their very relevant, very real, everyday experiences and challenges with rolling out and maintaining their censhare solutions.

And, I must give a very proud shout-out to all the women in attendance! We kept Thomas Kramer (censhare) on his toes during our 2 days of censhare master class training. Translation Management, PIM, management of XML and standard censhare content were just a few of the topics that had the entire room asking questions, pondering possibilities and forcing Thomas to repeat his favorite response of “It depends!

The incredible team at censhare provided not only a great program but made sure we got a taste of the Denver culture on our craft brewery tour and by hosting a fantastic night-out full of food and entertainment at Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox.

As I reflect on my time in Denver last week, I'm filled with so much excitement for my censhare clients. We learned a ton about the future of DAM and information management, but our time spent together reinforced something we already knew. There is no future without DAM, and it is clear that the folks at censhare and their customers and partners will be at the forefront of defining and designing the landscape of that future. 

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