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By: Le'Mina McNair on October 1st, 2021

Why Moving Your Operations to the Cloud Is a Worthwhile Investment

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Today, the modern organization relies on digital information to drive market penetration and profitable growth. The challenges of business operations are continuing to grow in complexity and require collaboration and cooperation from contributors across companies, the country, and the world.

Businesses are striving for connectivity, agility, and flexibility in their processes, which has created a significant trend away from traditional servers and workflows and toward cloud computing tools. In this blog, we’ll explore the many benefits of moving your business and creative operations into digital asset management and content management cloud systems.

Benefits of Cloud Management

Cloud management is a broad term that can refer to the digital cloud storage and administration of a number of areas, including digital asset cloud management, content cloud management, creative operations management, and business operations management. There are some key benefits, however, that positively impact all different categories of cloud management.

Streamlined Workflow

Having operations accessible through the cloud is essential for managing teams, especially those who work remotely. By utilizing a cloud management system, tools, assets, and content are easily accessible for all members of the team, regardless of where in the world they are located.

Rather than relying on software that needs to be installed on every machine individually, cloud software tools allow for access over the internet on any device. If on-site servers go down for maintenance or malicious activity is spotted, remote users are crippled indefinitely until systems are rebooted. A cloud management service, however, allows remote employees to continue working unaffected by physical complications. Cloud content management also saves work as you go, decreasing instances of human error and resulting in fewer steps and distractions to project completion.


Traditional, onsite storage of data and information can be expensive and have security risks. For large enterprises that require the hard storage of vast amounts of files, content, and digital assets, physical storage can be very costly and take up a lot more space than companies might realize. When using on-premise data storage facilities, the costly updates, compliance measures, encryption, and security fall on the shoulders of IT staff, leaving the company at risk if not handled properly. By moving your business and creative operations to a cloud management service, those responsibilities fall to the vendor, rather than in-house professionals.

It is also important to consider that computing power is generated at a pay-for-what-you-use rate. With this in mind, operations can often be limited by an onsite server’s physical capacity, while a cloud management system allows for practically infinite scalability. When a company needs to expand for a new client or downsize to accommodate market changes, a cloud management service creates a seamless transition with an instantaneous cost value.

Greater Agility & Resilience

As technology for every industry evolves, new tools and technology need to be onboarded to adapt to necessary changes in your creative or business operations workflow. When your workflow exists in a cloud management service, developers can easily integrate new software into their existing platform, eliminating common compatibility issues between programs and operating systems.

With compliance and privacy regulations changing frequently, cloud tools are appropriately more resilient to political or economic challenges, updating automatically and subtly to limit distraction. Ultimately, moving your business or creative operations into a cloud management environment is an investment in future-proofing your company; you won’t be caught playing catch-up when technology advances faster than you can keep up.

Increased Security

Security features integrated into cloud management systems have proven to be more secure than traditional software. Constantly monitoring for malicious activity, cloud vendors ensure business data, including your own data and your clients’ data, is securely protected. Security compliance regulations change frequently. The regulatory and compliance contingencies are actually stricter for cloud services than they are for onsite servers, which means your IT staff no longer need to worry about keeping up with constant changes to malware and ransomware. Using a cloud service for your business operations frees up your IT team to help employees with problems and ensure network stability rather than spending so much of their time addressing cybersecurity compliance protocols.

Move Your Operations to the Cloud

In order to keep up with or, better yet, stay ahead of technological advances to operations and storage, organizations need to be moving business and creative operations to a cloud management system. Ready to move your business operations to the cloud? Reach out to IO Integration today.

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