Custom Integrations, One Step at a Time: IO Integration’s Approach Blog Feature

By: Le'Mina McNair on October 6th, 2022

Custom Integrations, One Step at a Time: IO Integration’s Approach

Custom Integrations

You probably want your MarTech programs to all work together, but commissioning custom integrations that link all of your software together to form a cohesive solution may sound like an intimidating or overwhelming endeavor. And for many organizations, it’s not the difficulty of kicking off a custom integration project that may be intimidating, it’s the unknowns. Unless you have a strong IT team with experience in integrations, it’s daunting to make the jump without knowing exactly where you’ll land. That’s why finding a great partner can be a game changer; you can get exactly what you want without investing in new hires and technology or assigning additional work to your existing team members, who may not have the skill set necessary to create a custom integration that meets all of your needs.  

When selecting a partner for custom integrations, you should confirm that their services align well with your business goals before pulling the trigger. The more transparency you have going into the process, the better the results will be. IO Integration, for example, typically uses a five-step approach, which includes Discovery, Integration Design, Installation, Training, and Support. You’ll notice that four of those items — Discovery, Integration Design, Training, and Support — are focused solely on ensuring that our end product meets our clients’ needs. 

It’s not that Installation is an afterthought, it’s that the success of custom integrations is mostly dependent on building a design that fills a client’s exact asks and ensuring that their personnel are both trained and supported after the installation to make adoption easier and increase the solution’s longevity. 

We believe that performing custom integrations is much more than building a solution; it’s about making our clients’ chosen tools work for them in the most efficient ways possible, and that means putting careful thought into how each solution will work and how an organization’s people will work with it.  

This infographic outlines our custom integration process. Take a look and learn how IO Integration can help you create and implement a custom solution that includes all the features your business needs. 

An infographic that explains IO Integration's approach to custom integration services.

The IO Integration team is well-equipped to lead you through every step of the custom integration process. Contact us to get started or if you have any questions about how our other services can support your business.