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Damian Diaz

By: Damian Diaz on August 15th, 2018

In a World Without AI, Your Marketing Technology Platform Will Self Destruct

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This past spring censhare’s forward thinking CEO, Dieter Reichert, addressed the attendees of the Digital Innovators Summit in Berlin about one of technology’s hottest topics: Artificial Intelligence or AI is it is most often called.

In light of the fact the fact that he is speaking about Artificial Intelligence, you might be surprised at how humanistic the direction Dieter thinks this technology is headed. His address includes the following points:

  • If there is no Human Intelligence, AI makes no sense
  • There are 3 levels of AI
    • Level 1: Narrow Intelligence: Self driving cars, chess playing computer, military weapons
    • Level 2: General Artificial Intelligence: software starts to train itself and learn
    • Level 3: Super Intelligence: When all decisions are being made by artificial intelligence with no human interaction
  • The internet originally started with a “block chain” approach but information became centralized through companies like Facebook and Google.
  • Shared economy is the only way to overcome the issues that society faces, through AI we will be able to develop intelligent grid structures to help solve these issues.
  • Retailers are leading the way in understanding their customers, their products, marketing and being able to put all of that together and analyze the data they receive, and this will eventually be a fully automated process.

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