Introducing IO Space™ – IO Integration’s New Creative Operations Cloud Infrastructure Blog Feature
Damian Diaz

By: Damian Diaz on June 24th, 2020

Introducing IO Space™ – IO Integration’s New Creative Operations Cloud Infrastructure

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IO Integration is excited to announce our new Creative Operations cloud hosting platform, IO Space™.

Current global events have changed the way we work, and how we work will never be the same. Companies prioritizing the expansion of remote workforce capabilities in recent years were better prepared when the stay-at-home orders were put in place, but for many others this process had to be expedited. Several organizations with on-prem technology are still finding it difficult to support and expand the capabilities of their remote workforce. The particular challenge for marketing and creative departments is being able to quickly access marketing assets, maintain creative production workflows, and keep remote teams working efficiently. Moving Creative Operations to the cloud can alleviate many of these issues and it's no longer a question of if, but when to make the move. 


Based on the next generation Cloud 2.0 platform, IO Space consists of a host of products and services specifically designed for Creative Operations and marketing production teams. Our products and bundles are maintained, supported, and managed by IO Integration Creative Operations technology experts who understand the way your teams work. With data centers around the globe, IO Space offers a reliable, cost-effective, and scalable infrastructure for any organization looking to move creative production or data backup to the cloud.

Why IO Space?

IO Space meets the enterprise cloud infrastructure requirements of Creative Operations teams. While there are many highly reputable Cloud solution providers, they generally require that you have an in-house team to create, build, and administer your solution. IOI has leveraged our years of experience helping clients develop solutions to create cost-effective, easy-to-understand, ready-to-launch services on our cloud platform.


 “For some time now, the team at IOI has been looking at how best to leverage modern cloud technology for our customers' benefit. With the rapid swing to work from home that Covid-19 caused, challenge and solution aligned and we believe we have the ideal answer with IO Space, our high-performance, scalable, Creative Operations cloud infrastructure.”

– Mike Holt, CEO,  IO Integration


Moving Creative Operations to the Cloud
Recent natural disasters from hurricanes threatening coastal businesses and the current COVID-19 pandemic have demonstrated the value of moving Creative Operations to the Cloud. Cloud operation centers are regionally diverse, hardened against natural events, allow solutions to scale quickly on modern hardware, and offer tremendous bandwidth, ensuring your team continues to meet client expectations and deadlines no matter their location. Additionally, moving Creative Operations to a cloud platform reduces demands on your local IT workforce and physical infrastructure, allowing your scarce resources to focus on meeting client needs.

While IO Space can host almost any application or dataset, we have developed a set of products and services with Creative Operations in mind. These offerings are designed to maintain marketing and creative production efficiencies while working in the cloud. They are:

IO Space

IO Space is a high performance cloud environment for organizations to centralize their Creative Operations infrastructure, host a large variety of DAMs, file servers, automation and transformation engines, and interact with other cloud-native platforms at lightning speed. 

IO Backup

IO Backup is a service that performs incremental backups set to client specifications of application data, marketing assets, virtual machines, or supported data points in IO Space. IO Backup gives your Creative Operations team the capability to swiftly and cost-effectively meet off-site backup specifications.


IO Drive

IO Drive synchronizes files and folders directly from Xinet to an end user’s Mac. In Xinet Portal, end users choose which files or folders they want to sync and IO Drive automatically sends them directly to their Macs. All edits are automatically synced back to Xinet with options for check-out/check-in workflows and full version control.


IO Studio

IO Studio furnishes your Creative Operations team with a full-featured virtual production environment within the IO Space platform. This structure allows your creative production users to control high-powered, virtual machines that are hosted in the same data center and on the same high-speed LAN as your hosted applications to allow for photo retouching and video editing without the need for time-consuming data transfers down from (and back up to) your cloud servers.




A Roadmap for the Future
As we continue to develop products and services for IO Space, customers can expect to see more offerings for our Creative Operations cloud infrastructure. The current products on our roadmap include IO Automate - Integration platform as a service and IO Archive – Cold Storage Archive Solution.


Have questions? Visit our IO Space FAQ Page to find answers to the most commonly asked questions. If you don’t find your answer, please feel free to submit your own questions to


Why IO Integration?

There are many Cloud providers, but if you need to quickly stand up a Cloud 2.0 solution for your Creative Operations team, the IO Space platform provides the services you need today. IO Space accounts for your immediate backup, cloud synchronization, and bandwidth-intensive operations in a cost-effective way with a straighfoward framework that is easy to manage and understand.


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