Visual Touchscreen Collaboration With Bluescape Shines At Adobe Max 2019 Blog Feature
James Word

By: James Word on November 19th, 2019

Visual Touchscreen Collaboration With Bluescape Shines At Adobe Max 2019

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Creativity for All. That was the positioning statement for this years’ Adobe Max in Los Angeles. The evolution of creativity and technologies that come out of that were on display everywhere and it was an action-packed nonstop tour for three days. The vibe was great, and the passion was contagious.


Adobe products are at the center of nearly everything we do at IOI.  These Adobe tools help us all as we bring efficiency to marketing operations, through the ideation, creation, management, and distribution of creative content. The IOI Alliance Partner network was well represented with both MediaValet and Workfront on the exhibit floor and IOI exhibiting with one of our newest premier partners Bluescape, an industry leader in an emerging sector of technology.

Bluescape’s game-changing solution delivers an infinite visual workspace or as they call it, a digital visual container, that allows the input of virtually any type of visual content, and the ability to share it in real time and control these collaborative sessions via a touch screen control panel. By allowing global teams to visually collaborate in real time to share, create, and comment on projects, makes the creative process more effective and productive than ever before. This is a radically new concept and everyone that came to the booth for a demonstration immediately “got it.”  As people from all sorts of companies saw the solution, you could see the lights turning on, big “aha” moments of realizing what is possible with Bluescape. Given the nature of this solution, your imagination is the only limit to the integrations that can be incorporated into such an effective platform.

As we explored the rest of the show floor, there were quite a number of interesting technologies being presented, many driven by AI functionality, and many, many specific-need tools being presented. My impression of this is that the creative tech stack is beginning to follow the phone app model, lots of powerful smaller tools working in concert to fulfill needs. Bluescape seems to be moving towards becoming one of the top visual container platforms that will help bring it all together (e.g. becoming the phone that hosts the apps). This is an interesting moment in tech history and we’re excited to see it unfold.

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