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BrandMaster is one of Europe’s leading marketing and branding solution company. They provide online digital technology for customers who require marketing and brand management solutions. The Brandmaster solution ensures a decreased time-to-market, increased brand and marketing control, and reduced marketing expenses and automatic workflows.

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The Future Of Automotive Retailing

By: BrandMaster
December 18th, 2019

This article by Ola Norman, International Head of Sales at BrandMaster, an IOI technology alliance partner, provides information we think our readers will find interesting. The automotive industry is changing and customer buying patterns are shifting with the power of digital and visual experiences revolutionising the way customers, research and purchase their vehicles. According to Guy Schueller, Automotive Industry Director at Google, the reality is that today’s consumers interact more with a brand online than they do in person with 95% of vehicle buyers using digital as a source of information and twice as many starting their research online versus at a dealer.

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