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The world's leading brands and studios rely on ShotFlow as their visual content production "operating system."  ShotFlow simplifies Studio Production Management by eliminating spreadsheets and other data "silos" from the production workflow. ShotFlow automates studio production in unique ways, including generating shots and dynamic shot lists with no manual effort, and automatically naming and tagging photo and video assets with rich metadata. These "smarter" assets enable "Shop the Look" and other rich content experiences for the modern brand.

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Studio Production Management in the Brand Martech Stack

By: ShotFlow
February 6th, 2020

This article is from Eric Fulmer, VP of Operations at ShotFlow, an IO Integration Alliance Partner and we think our readers will find it informative. Retail, Fashion, and Apparel (RFA) brands face a new and intimidating digital commerce landscape requiring rapid transformation to survive. One of the key strategic initiatives for RFA brands is building a modern and complete Marketing Technology (“Martech”) Stack. For those unfamiliar with the term, the Martech Stack is the collection of technology tools and platforms enabling Marketing effectiveness. Hot new trends such as data personalization, “big data” metrics, online assistants, “Shop The Look,” and related initiatives cannot be achieved without significant upgrades to the brand’s technology suite.

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