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Lou Monaghan

Louis Monaghan, Jr. has been a Senior Systems Engineer since 2011. He began his professional career in the commercial print industry as a prepress professional. During his time in prepress, he was able to combine his love of print with a passion for computing and began automating manual processes to increase productivity. His knowledge of technology evolved alongside a growing industry, and Lou quickly became an expert in automating creative workflows. At IO Integration, Lou helps educate clients, allowing them to unlock the full potential of their software solutions, creating speed and efficiency wherever he goes.

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DALIM ES 6 Beta Training - Hurricanes and New Product Features in the Big Easy

By: Lou Monaghan
August 15th, 2019

This past July I joined my colleagues, Blanchard Systems, and DALIM Software in New Orleans for our first beta training on the latest version of DALIM ES. Those of us who travel at IOI have a saying, “May your travel be boring.” Nobody enjoys when their business travel becomes “interesting.” So starting the trip with warnings of record high water levels on the Mississippi and an approaching hurricane did not bode well for our travel plans. We knew we were in for an adventure before our flights even departed for the Big Easy.

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