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By: Le'Mina McNair on November 5th, 2021

Secure Your Creative Operations with Cloud Technology

It was never a matter of if and only a matter of when organizations would need to move portions of their operations to the cloud. Many companies were already working in the cloud or making plans to do so when the COVID-19 work-from-home mandates were announced. Companies lacking cloud-based infrastructures were forced to quickly put a plan of action into place.

For those companies still struggling to determine the right solution, IO Integration has just released our private Creative Operations Cloud Infrastructure, IO Space™. IO Space™ is a reliable, scalable, secure, and cost-effective solution designed to host creative operations in the cloud.

What is Cloud Technology?

Cloud technology allows users to store data within the internet rather than a personal hard drive. More technically, cloud technology works through data centers that store your information in virtual servers rather than taking up physical space on your machines. Data storage refers to more than just the literal storage of files and documents, but also to the use of cloud-based services to work and perform tasks.

Experts in Cloud Technology

Our team has spent years researching, testing, and validating a variety of cloud solutions to meet the stringent requirements of IO Integration and our customers. Not only does IO Space offer a reliable cloud infrastructure specifically designed for creative operations, but we have also created a variety of solutions and service bundles to maximize the productivity of remote workers with built-in virtual efficiency.

“High-performance cloud solutions are no longer a luxury but a necessity for remote production teams." Says Mike Holt, CEO, IO Integration "We’ve created IO Space to deliver a secure, reliable, and scalable cloud infrastructure with products and service packages specifically designed to meet the needs of modern marketing and creative organizations and allow them to maintain control of their critical digital assets.”

Benefits of a Creative Operations Cloud Infrastructure

IO Space™ products and services

  • IO Drive: Automatic synchronization of remote workstations with a Xinet server
  • IO Backup: Customized cloud backup of assets, data, and virtual machines
  • IO Studio: Virtually control high-performance workstations in the cloud

A friction-free experience

IO Space™ allows for the centralization of creative operation technologies. This centralization lowers the burden on IT staff, allows for easier access on the LAN or the WAN, and delivers real-time scalability. IO Space™ is truly a future-proof solution for distributed studio production and creative service teams. Rather than putting together a random selection of products and forcing them to work together, IO Integration has carefully curated a marketing and creative production tech stack in the cloud.

Secure, efficient, and cost-effective

With reduced costs and complexity, flexible scalability, and IO Integration managing all of it, making the decision to move to the IO Space Cloud Infrastructure should be an easy one. Security will always be a concern but today you may actually be more exposed to breach vulnerabilities by not being in the cloud. The belief that your assets have to be onsite in your data center to be truly secure is no longer accurate. Cloud service providers can be much more efficient when it comes to investing in security than trying to build and maintain technology on your own.

Get Started with a Creative Operations Cloud Technology

Utilizing a cloud infrastructure is one of the best methods for optimizing your organization's Creative Operations. Ready to discover how easy moving your Creative Operations to the cloud can be with IO Space? Contact our team of cloud technology experts at IO Integration.